New patient registration

If you are interested in registering with our clinic, you can schedule an appointment for an initial examination.

Please firstly check whether your insurance company has entered into a contractual agreement with us (currently these insurance companies are VZP, OZP, ČPZP and VoZP).

After that, you can easily schedule an appointment for a convenient time by telephone or by email.

What does an initial examination involve?

The actual contents of an insurance covered initial examination will depend on the age of the patient and will cover in particular the taking of the patient’s detailed personal medical history, including the patient’s past family, work and social history, and a check of the last tetanus vaccination date. A possible test to determine the level of antibodies present in the blood may be conducted and if needed, a booster shot can be given directly at the clinic. The doctor will also assess any of your current health problems and will enquire about any previously conducted examinations (including preventive examinations) with other doctors – for this reason, please bring with you copies of any past medical findings you may have at your disposal.

During your initial examination, we will conduct a basic urine test using a test strip and an overall objective assessment which will involve measuring your weight, blood pressure, pulse and other vital signs. Depending on your age, we may also conduct certain blood tests (e.g. for blood lipids), perform an ECG recording and undertake tests aimed at tumour prevention – we will conduct these directly at our clinic or we will refer you to a specialised workplace. Based on all available information, we will conduct an overall assessment of the examination including calculating cardiovascular risk using the SCORE method and we will propose what suitable action is to be undertaken including any lifestyle adjustments or the use of medication. Depending on your past experience, we will provide you with any required information and propose further suitable monitoring.

What to take with you to your initial examination:

  • medical records kept by your previous general practitioner (should you not have these at your disposal, we can request that your medical records be provided to us)
  • morning urine in a clean container (we test a total of 9 parameters – such as glucose, protein, blood, bilirubin, pH, nitrite, ketone bodies etc.)
  • any medical findings from previously conducted examinations you have at your disposal
  • vaccination card (if you have one)
  • a filled out initial examination form – download here (.pdf)